USS ODAX (SS-484) US Service 1945-1972 Tench-Class Submarine (1945), Converted to Guppy (1947), Converted Guppy II-Class Submarine (1951) This site is dedicated to the USS ODAX (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. E-MAIL WEBMASTER Site Revision Date: 11-28-2018
Videos                   USS Odax Commissioning Party in Portsmouth 1945
The Pledge of Allegiance spoken by the late Red Skelton. Recorded on his television show 1969.                  As a schoolboy, one of Red Skelton's teachers explained the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to his class. Skelton later wrote down, and eventually recorded, his recollection of this lecture. It is followed by an observation of his own.    I  Me; an individual; a committee of one. Pledge  Dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self-pity. Allegiance  My love and my devotion. To the Flag  Our standard; Old Glory; a symbol of Freedom; wherever she waves there is respect, because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts, Freedom is everybody's job. United  That means that we have all come together. States of America  Individual communities that have united into forty-eight great states. Forty-eight individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose. All divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common purpose, and that is love for country. And to the Republic  a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people; and it's from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people. For which it stands One Nation  meaning, so blessed by God. Indivisible  Incapable of being divided. With Liberty  Which is Freedom; the right of power to live one's own life, without threats, fear, or some sort of retaliation. And Justice  The principle, or qualities, of dealing fairly with others. For All  which means, boys and girls, it's as much your country as it is mine.  And now, boys and girls, let me hear you recite the Pledge of Allegiance:  I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,  and to the Republic, for which it stands;  one nation, indivisible,  with liberty and justice for all.   Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country, and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance: Under God. Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said that is a prayer, and that would be eliminated from schools, too?  Red Skelton (July 18, 1913 - Sept. 17, 1997)
U.S. Navy training film for submarine crew members, showing how the submarine fleet is organized and how it is serviced from a supply standpoint. Featuring footage of Tench, Balao and Guppy class submarines: USS Sirago SS-485, USS Tusk SS-426, USS Halfbeak SS-352, USS Irex SS-482.This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit
A walkthrough of the USS Requin, SS(SSR)-481, a Tench class diesel-electric submarine docked at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The Requin was one of the first "radar picket" submarines that was a predecesor to the airborne early warning radar systems used by the Navy and Air Force.
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USS ODAX (SS-484) Submarine  US Service (1945-1972) “Any time, any where, always ready, always there.” (Official Navy Submarine Motto)
Except for the Thai sailors on board and the language they are speaking, these boats are the same class "Tench" as the USS Odax was. You can't understand what they're saying, but the video images say it all. Diesel boats still running in the Thai Navy. Brings back great memories!! David Albro