USS ODAX (SS-484) US Service 1945-1972 Tench-Class Submarine (1945), Converted to Guppy (1947), Converted Guppy II-Class Submarine (1951) This site is dedicated to the USS ODAX (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. E-MAIL WEBMASTER       Site Revision Date: 01-31-2018

USS ODAX (SS-484) Reunion Information

Upcoming USSVI Reunion Info
Left to right is Bill "Scrunch" Cernich, Glenn Barksdale, and Lynn "Dirty Rich" Richard.
Attached picture is from the ODAX mini-reunion at the Redfish Base Christmas party 2003. Left to right is Bill "Scrunch" Cernich, Glenn Barksdale, and Lynn "Dirty Rich" Richard.
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USS ODAX (SS-484) Submarine  US Service (1945-1972) β€œAny time, any where, always ready, always there.” (Official Navy Submarine Motto)
2017 Orlando, FL. September 1-6, 2017
2016 Reno, NV. August 15-20, 2016
2015 2015 USSVI Convention
The Westin Convention Center
Pittsburgh, PA.
September 7-12, 2015
2014 Burlingame, CA. September 1-7, 2014
2013 Rochester, MN. August 25-Sep 1, 2013
2012 Norfolk, VA. September 2-9, 2012
2011 Springfield, MO. September 5-11, 2011
2010 Cincinnati, OH & Covington, KY. August 3-September 6, 2010
Caribbean Cruise October 21 – October 28, 2018 Welcome To The Caribbean, Shipmates! USSVI is your host for the 2018 USSVI National Convention USS ODAX 2018 Reunion News Due to member feedback, we are going to change plans to having the reunion aboard the National Reunion Caribbean Cruise. I will send out details as soon as they become available. October 21 – October 28, 2018 For booking go here: