Odax moored at Lisbon with US and Canadian destroyers 1970
USS ODAX (SS-484) US Service 1945-1972 Tench-Class Submarine (1945), Converted to Guppy (1947), Converted Guppy II-Class Submarine (1951) This site is dedicated to the USS ODAX (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. E-MAIL WEBMASTER Site Revision Date: 11-28-2018

USS Odax Officers & Crew Photo Gallery #6

Photos & Documents Courtesy of Dave Wright & Don Ulmer (Blimp


USS Odax (SS-484)

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USS ODAX (SS-484) Submarine  US Service (1945-1972) “Any time, any where, always ready, always there.” (Official Navy Submarine Motto)