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Destination Tokyo (VHS)

A patriotic war epic about a U.S. submarine sent into Japanese waters and the dynamic amongst crew members. Avoid the colorized version. Academy Award Nominations: Best Original Story.
Director: Delmer Daves
Starring: Cary Grant Genres
Action Released: 1943

Destination Tokyo VHS

Hellcats of the Navy (VHS)

W.W. II action film aboard a submarine. The ship's captain is ordered to undertake a dangerous mission which takes him to the heavily mined waters off the Asiatic mainland.
Director: Nathan Juran
Starring: Ronald Reagan
Released: 1957

Hellcats of the Navy VHS

Silent Steel (DVD)

A hard hitting interactive underwater thriller from the writer of NAVY SEALS DAY OF THE JACKAL and VIRUS which casts you as the captain of a nuclear submarine. You are patrolling the Atlantic with 24 Trident C-4 Intercontinental Ballistic missiles when a Libyan submarine invades your space. What will you do? Contains over 2 hours of original footage shot on location.
Released: 1998

Silent Steel DVD

Operation Petticoat VHS


Operation Petticoat DVD


Operation Petticoat

Cary Grant and Tony Curtis star as naval officers in this service comedy one of the director's favorite genres. When Adm. Matt Sherman's (Grant) submarine the Sea Tiger is damaged during the attack on Pearl Harbor he needs to find spare parts to have it recommissioned. Into the breach steps aide Lt. Nick Holden (Curtis) a master con man and wheeler-dealer who begins scheming to acquire the materials needed to fix the sub while the appalled Sherman looks the other way. Once the sub is deemed seaworthy they stop at an island where Holden picks up a couple of Filipino families and five navy nurses who have been stranded there. The arrival of the extremely attractive nurses in the sub's cramped quarters has the predicted effect on the young all-male crew who soon find concentrating on their work to be an impossible task. The women also have their own ideas about the renovation of the submarine one of which involves painting it pink. Despite the dated 1950s gender stereotypes the comic genius of Grant and the energy of Curtis in addition to a script witty enough to have been nominated for an Academy Award keep the film afloat. Among the talented cast are Dick Sargent Arthur O'Connell Dina Merrill Gene Evans and Gavin McLeod who would later return to the seas as the captain of THE LOVE BOAT.
Director: Blake Edwards
Starring: Cary Grant, Tony Curtis
Released: 1959

Operation Petticoat VHS

Operation Petticoat DVD

The Video Collection:: Das Boot
(English subtitles)

Critics and audiences alike hailed Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot as the best submarine film ever made, one that revolutionized the use of "steadicam" for heightened realism. This newly-remastered version contains over one hour of additional footage and a completely redesigned digital soundtrack.At the height of WWII, 43 young German sailors eagerly embark on a dangerous assignment aboard a U-boat off the coast of France. Their heroic ambitions and hunger for glory are soon tested as the mission turns treacherous in claustophobic quarters as they run from the enemy.Approx. 3 hrs. on two videocassettes English subtitles.

The Video Collection:: Das Boot (Drama)

Hunley The (VHS)

The true story of the USS Hunley the manually propelled submarine during the siege of Charleston in 1864. The Hunley the first submersible to sink and enemy boat during wartime was powered by 8 men who died in the process. This is their story.
Director: John Gray
Starring: Armand Assante
Released: 1997

Hunley The VHS



The USS Odax


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