USS ODAX (SS-484) US Service 1945-1972 Tench-Class Submarine (1945), Converted to Guppy (1947), Converted Guppy II-Class Submarine (1951) This site is dedicated to the USS ODAX (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. E-MAIL WEBMASTER       Site Revision Date: 9-20-2017

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During the 1969 Mediterranean deployment, Odax was diverted from it's scheduled operations in order to track and conduct surveillance of a specific "cold war" adversary's vessel. During that surveillance (with the exception of a few hours to offload a torpedo to a sub tender) she remained submerged and undetected for 28 consecutive days, snorkeling at night to recharge batteries and replenish air. If you have stories and the like to share please email the Webmaster. Thank You!

Cold War Surveillance by Bob Pierro

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USS ODAX (SS-484) Submarine  US Service (1945-1972) “Any time, any where, always ready, always there.” (Official Navy Submarine Motto)