USS ODAX (SS-484) US Service 1945-1972 Tench-Class Submarine (1945), Converted to Guppy (1947), Converted Guppy II-Class Submarine (1951) This site is dedicated to the USS ODAX (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. E-MAIL WEBMASTER Site Revision Date: 11-28-2018
Welcome Aboard The USS ODAX (SS-484) The USS Odax (SS-484) had a long and brilliant career. She won multiple meritorious achievement awards along the way. She served her country and her crew faithfully, but like man, has passed on. This site is dedicated to the USS Odax (SS-484), the officers, and enlisted men who served on board during her career in the silent service. This site is designed to provide a current means of communication between her crew and subsequently, promote renewal of comradeship between her shipmates.

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Welcome to the newly redesigned website in tribute to the USS Odax. We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any memorabilia, stories, photos, or current information for the crew locator list, please e-mail the Webmaster. USS Odax (SS-484), a Tench-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for odax, a brilliantly colored, red and green fish belonging to the family Scaridae, the parrot fishes. Her keel was laid down by Portsmouth Navy Yard on 4 December 1944. She was launched on 10 April 1945 sponsored by Mrs. Luise Fogarty, wife of Rhode Island Congressman John E. Fogarty, and commissioned on 11 July 1945 with Commander F. D. Walker, Jr. in command. Later converted to Guppy and finally Guppy II-class submarine. NEWS FLASH See the latest submissions page for the latest! Including the new story on the Windjammer 1958 fIlm featuring the ODAX! Be sure to check the new Pictures and Documents from: Dave Wright Crew Photo Pages 5 & 6
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USS ODAX (SS-484) Submarine  US Service (1945-1972) “Any time, any where, always ready, always there.” (Official Navy Submarine Motto)

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“USS Odax rescuing a blimp in 1949 (my enlisted days at Key West when E4 on Clamagore). This pic is sometimes mistakenly identified as a refueling. Not so. Remember the incident well. Also, submarines didn't carry aviation gas.” (Don Ulmer) Link to Don’s Books on Amazon